You Don’t Get COVID-19 When You Have Family

The covid-19 pandemic moved across the country and world fast, if not faster. The media won’t speak about what I have taught you. Anything is possible and can be accomplished with family. Event not wearing a mask, although some of the family still do.

Here are a few tips to protect families without a vaccine

  • Protect ourselves with soap to prevent the spread
  • Drinking Corona beer to build immunity with Family
  • When driving in a car, drive fast and outrun this outbreak

The delta variant is emerging and this is why we will team up with the original coronavirus to defeat this new threat to the family.

“Aunque digan que soy. Un bandolero donde voy. Le doy gracias a Dios. Por hoy estar donde estoy, Y voy a seguir con mi tumbao’, Y con mis ojos colorao’. Con mis gatos activao’. Ustedes to’ me lo han dao'”

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