NRA Watching Biden

Founded from a splinter group of the good folks who stormed the Capitol, the “Not Rightfully Allected” foundation aims to finish the work that then president Trump began. An NRA spokesperson (no affiliation with the National Rifle Association) said that Biden was not rightfully elected and is being carefully watched.

Return of Trump University

News: Donald Trump plans to bring back Trump University, formally known as the Trump Wealth Institute and Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC to teach Constitutional Law to Americans. Although this organization is far from an accredited university it has gained popularity to those of us who want to be educated about true American politics. Look past… Continue reading Return of Trump University

Are Millions asking Facebook to Ban Family Members

A recent report of signatories to the petition has openly praised Facebook for its decision to ban Donald J. Trump, but argued that the move “does not go far enough…” Now it’s time to ban the followers even if that means family members. In a critical move to restore civility, many are asking Facebook to… Continue reading Are Millions asking Facebook to Ban Family Members

Donald Trump Sues Trump Org. for Tarnishing His Name

In an unexpected turn of events, the former president has sued his namesake company, the Trump Organization, for tarnishing his good name through lies and deceit. When questioned for comment, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani said, “Is this a video call? Do I need to pull my pants up for this call? No further comment.”

Big League or Bigly?

A scathing new report was leaked from the FBI which casts doubt of the former president’s reported use of the phrase “big league”. At the direction of the disgraced former FBI leader, James Comey, a team of 60 agents poured through the president’s emails for the past 25 years and found 6,102,345 times that the… Continue reading Big League or Bigly?

Donald Trump Sues Polydent

On Wednesday, the former president sued the Polydent corporation for its role in his re-election loss.  The lawsuit claims that Trump voters were not able to properly articulate their intended votes in early polls due to failed denture glue, Polydent.  One voter, Jimmy, went on record saying “Weh, I wen o thpeak bu no worm… Continue reading Donald Trump Sues Polydent

Hello Brothers!

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